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Maximising sales value with restaurant dockets

The primary purpose of a restaurant docket is to facilitate the accurate recording & communic ..
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Posted: 31/05/2013

Choosing Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups provide a great alternative to the standard coffee mug for people on the go. Pa ..
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Posted: 31/05/2013
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Produk Terbaru Kami | Supplier Kebutuhan Kemasan & Packaging untuk Bisnis Anda

Supplier Kemasan & Packaging

We supply a large range of food service, packaging & washroom products to restaurants, cafes, hotels, take away shops, fast food outlets, clubs & pubs. Our brands are well recognised in the industry, & include Solo cups, Merino napkins & much more.

As a result, restaurants can enjoy huge savings on all their disposable packaging products, including garbage bags, toilet rolls, plastic containers, plastic cutlery, straws, paper bags, napkins, paper tablecloths, restaurant docket books, & register rolls.

Our success is based on a simple philosophy: providing wholesale prices direct to restaurants.

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